The 2024 Anthony McNicoll Visiting Lectureship

Back to Lagash: New Investigations into an Early Urban Centre in Southern Mesopotamia Professor Holly Pittman | University of Pennsylvania 5:30pm doors for 6:00pm start. The mound of Tell al-Hiba in the Tigris drainage of southern Mesopotamia is among the largest of the urban centers of ancient Sumer. Understood to be ancient Lagash, the eponymous …

The 2024 Edwin Cuthbert Hall Annual Lecture in Archaeology

Professor Barbara Helwing | Thursday 11 April 2024Chau Chak Wing Museum | 5:30pm doors for 6:00pm start. The Museum of the Ancient Near East in Berlin is one of the major museums focusing on this field within the global north. Best known for the reconstruction of the bright blue Ishtar Gate from Babylon, the museum …


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