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NEAF facilitates research in the archaeology of the Near East, Egypt and Cyprus, bringing the world of Near Eastern archaeology to a wider public audience.

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Many members in Australia and around the globe have always loved the study of the ancient world but were often taken in other professional or personal directions. 

NEAF enables them to pursue these interests, through talks, events, tours and field work.

Dr Peta Seaton, AM, NEAF President

We honour our wonderful Donors.  Read about how they came to support NEAF here. A love of archaeology, and enjoyment of NEAF, is generally the inspiration for their generous support.  We support publication, scholarships and research with these funds.

We are a member of CCANESA and work closely with the Department of Archaeology and we have enduring inks with the Chau Chak Wing Museum, and the Friends of the Nicholson Museum,

As President of NEAF, I am delighted to invite you to explore NEAF’s work, its community, and to become involved with our activities.

Learn about current archaeological research. Join our  tours to ancient sites, Access research support through grants and scholarships.

We welcome new Members and I hope to meet you in the coming year.


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2023 MAARC Conference, Call for Papers now open

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Dispatches from the Trenches: NEAF Seminar Series

Saturdays from 8-29 October, via Zoom

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Kerkenes Dag

NEAF Public Lecture: The Iron Age Megacity on Kerkenes Dağ. Dr Joseph (Seppi) Lehner & Dr Amanda Dusting

14 September, 6:30pm AEST, Hybrid, CCANESA & via Zoom.

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Pella Volunteer Programme: a great escape from the day job!

In 2007 I found myself heading down the Jordan valley to Pella


Digging at Pella (it’s the company you keep)

Perhaps the most exciting thing about being on a dig at Pella is the company you keep. All the archaeologists are passionate and very knowledgeable about their areas of expertise,

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Excavating half a million years of human history

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Teleilat Ghassul

One of the largest Chalcolithic sites in the Southern Levant
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