Vale Win Stephen

It is with a real mixture of sadness and love that NEAF says farewell to one of our greatest supporters and friends in Lady (Win) Stephen. Born (in Adelaide) into a strongly medical family as the daughter of James Bonnin, a general practitioner, and sibling of five brothers (four of whom became doctors) and a …

Vale Judith McKenzie

(November 28, 1957 – May 27, 2019) In a tribute to Judith McKenzie written by Alan Walmsley, a fellow archaeologist who also prepared his doctorate at Sydney University in the mid-1980s, he praised Judith as ‘one of Australia’s most eminent alumni in the humanities’ (Levant, 2000). Yet Judith never held a distinguished ‘named’ chair at a …

Vale Michelle Cotton

Dr Michele Cotton AM NEAF Councillor from 1 April 2002 to 1 April 2011. Michele wanted to be an archaeologist when she was a child – but then became a vet!  She had lived and worked in the Middle East (Riyadh) for many years (as a result of her husband Peter’s work) and while bringing up …


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