Saturday Seminar Series: Ideology and Belief

Ideology and Belief Welcome to the June Saturday Series. This winter we are traveling back in time from early Islam to Chalcolithic Ghassul looking at manifestations of ideology and belief over a 6,000-year period. The series starts with an examination of theideology of the Ghurid dynasty in 12th Century Afghanistan and a case study of Late Antique Jerash exploring the interaction of politics, popular culture and the church. We will move on to the competing royal ideologies of Neo-Elamite Iran and the Neo-Assyrians, and the intersection of political power andits expression in the architecture in the Southern …

NEAF-British Museum Exclusive – Luxury and Power: Persia to Greece

Online Public Lecture by Dr James Fraser (British Museum), 9 August, 2023 The Council of the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation invite you to an exclusive, personalised, live tour through the British Museum’s dazzling exhibition, Luxury and Power: Persia to Greece. When: Wednesday 9 August, 2023 | 6:00pm AEST Where: This event will be held online …

Greece 2023: Agamemnon to Alexander

Our tour of the great sites of ancient and medieval Greece focuses especially on the worlds of the Aegean Bronze Age and the Macedonian rulers Philip and his son Alexander the Great, whose exploits altered the ancient world forever.

Israel & Jordan 2023: A Cradle of Civilisation

This 20-day tour took participants on a leisurely and thorough fashion through the very birthplace of Western civilisation. From ancient archaeological tells to bustling markets, participants explored this fascinating region safely and enjoyably.

Seasons Greetings from the NEAF President

Seasons Greetings! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of the NEAF community, and for your participation in and support of our NEAF activities during 2022. As NEAF President, I’ve loved seeing people join our lectures and events by zoom from around Australia, the world, and where possible, in person. Your support of our …

NEAF Evening Seminar Series: Rethinking the Archaeology of Empire in Late Bronze Age Anatolia and Beyond

June 22, 6:30pm AEST, Hybrid, CCANESA/Zoom Prof. Claudia Glatz University of Glasgow Department of Archaeology The past two years have served as a stark reminder of how colonial and imperial pasts reach into our presents and shape our social conditions; conditions that are increasingly neo-imperial and neo-nationalist in character. Both discourses appropriate ancient empires and …

Public Lecture & Book Launch, Wednesday 11 May

Game Drives and Communal Hunting in a Global Perspective, Professor Alison Betts The Council of the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation invite you to the launch the latest volume in NEAF’s Adapa series, followed by a public lecture. Where: The launch and public lecture will be held online on Zoom and in person at CCANESA (Level …


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